Monday, October 06, 2003

Monday Mosh

What song did you mosh to?
Taj Mahal's version of The Banana Boat Song -- a repeat from a few weeks back, I believe. Willow sang Day-O and wiggled her hips, face all lit up like a kerosene fire; it was all I could do to keep up.

What did you bump into or step on? (bonus for breakage)
Nuthin'. Gotta set a good example for the wee one, don't I?

Why did you stop?
Back to cleaning out the unfinished cavern at the end of the house we call the "attic." I'm spending the days off trying to arrange the storage into active and long-term shelving, while clearing the front of the room to make Darcie a workspace for crafts projects, with finger-crossed hope that she'll go back to maskmaking, because there's really nothing like coming home in the afternoon to an hour or two of meditative paper-bag-shredding and elmer's glue.

I was going to put a poem here, one I wrote about a summer six years ago, when, childless but rich in resident friends, Darcie and I spent the summer making them. But the E: drive isn't working on this laptop. Just one more thing that doesn't spin in our house (we burned the motor out on the new washer yesterday, too).

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