Saturday, October 18, 2003

Everything But Bashful and Happy

Apologies for the slight oververbiage of the previous entry. I’ve got either a massive no-sneezes-barred cold or some severe sort of allergic reaction to whatever the radiators spit into the too-dry air. The nose itches into the throat and sinuses, and damp sneezes snap through me like lightning. The brain fogs up like a cool morning windshield: continuous, logical thought becomes impossible. My knees ache.

I managed through another rec-letter breakfast interview and, after a two hour nap on the futon, a short trip to the farm for apples, cider, and a peek at the cows and chickens with Willow. But all told, I’ve been through five of the seven dwarves today, mostly simultaneously, and have come to the end of the day sapped, and a bit short on ceremony.

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