Tuesday, September 16, 2003



It wasn't the majestic bird itself but the idea of it which followed me all morning. The seed, planted by the peripheral eye on the announcement of its escape on the school electronic bulletin board system. Anecdotes of an awakening (early) and morning chase (unsuccessful) from the Associate Dean of Academics, proud rooster's owner and caretaker, as we settled into our meeting. The evidential crow from the trees behind said Dean's house while my advising group sat under open library windows and filled out time management forms.

A spectrum of belief -- untrustworthy online source; second-hand recitation; sensual evidence -- produced from nary a sight: the rooster never showed himself to me. He may be in those woods still. Reassuring, that.

Not sure if the deadleaf toads in the roads on the way back from tonight's no-caller radio show were a more sinister sign, but the combination of amphib and fowl bodes no good; the basilisk lurks in my future, perhaps.

As always, tonight's playlist follows, with bedtime story breaks in parens; as always, I will give an amazon.com gift certificate to the first to correctly identify the original performing artists of the starred songs below, all covers. Really. Why doesn't anyone ever believe me?

Tributary Playlist: 9/15/03

Bob Dorough -- Too Much Coffee Man
Trey Anastasio -- Cayman Review
Oysterhead -- Oz Is Ever Floating
Ween -- Bananas and Blow
Skavoovie and the Epitones -- Blood Red Sky
They Might Be Giants -- The World's Address
* Spacehog -- Senses Working Overtime
* Guster -- I've Got To Be Clean

(Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day)

* Girlyman -- My Sweet Lord
Lisa Loeb -- I Do
Erin McKeown -- Born To Hum
* Johnny Cash -- In My Life
* The Wallflowers -- I'm Looking Through You
Barenaked Ladies -- The Kind Of Bedside Manor

(The Giving Tree)

Salamander Crossing -- You Trip Me Up
Bruce Cockburn -- Mango
Girlyman -- Hey Rose
Indigo Girls -- Galileo
Brooks Williams -- Yellow Hummingbird
Habib Koite -- Batoumambe

(Goodnight Moon)

* Be Good Tanyas -- House of New Orleans
Gillian Welch and Alison Krauss -- I'll Fly Away
Patty Griffin -- Fly
St Germaine -- whatever the last song on their better album is
* Gone Phishin' -- Fast Enough For You
* Suzanne Vega -- Stay Awake

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