Sunday, September 14, 2003

Rainy Day Blog

Rain this morning. Last night the scent of cheap incense hung heavy in the impending air, something sweet and slightly musky; today in the too-late mad-dash downstairs to close the car windows the air was water and steel, and if you were a storm this is how you would feel, echoes Girlyman.

Back upstairs again it was my turn to wake with the baby; we played and watched an old Muppet Show episode on tape, starring Vincent Price and featuring several Beatles songs sung by Muppet monsters and ghosts until mamai, mamai and we went to wake Darcie for a family shower and a few minutes on the dining room floor, the baby between us, looking through a photo book Darcie's mother made us one Christmas out of pictures of the dog.

By eleven the windshield wipers were hardly needed on our way to the dining hall for burnt-sausage patty community brunch, and now the rain moves on, leaving its stillness behind for a moment, the earth waking beneath it: the fog lies still and heavy across the land; the crows and chirrups call to each other across the thick air. Darcie and Willow nap in the big bed. I've finally finished the report on my trip to Bangladesh, a move which leaves me unburdened of looming projects for the moment. In celebration and beneath it all crickets sing , rubbing dew off their wings, stirring the air clean from the bottom up. For a single moment, the world sighs.

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