Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Other People's Memes

I. What's On your bedroom wall Right Now?

Slightly pink paint. A finally-framed print of Klimt's The Kiss. Our wedding contract. A couple of squashed-in-flight insects, mostly mosquitoes. To be fair, half of our bedroom "wall" is actually a slanted ceiling, so there's not much room on that side for wallstuff...but even so, there's far more negative space than positive stuff. Guess I'm a minimalist, eh?

II. Wednesday Whatevers

1. If you had your way, when would you sleep until?

2. What's your dream job?
You're looking at it -- I am, after all, at work right now!

3. Where was your favorite hiding spot as a kid?
The bottom shelf of the linen closet. I'm an anti-claustrauphobic (in addition to beeing spellling-chaleleenged), and could have stayed happily curled up in a ball in the dark for hours, back and sides pressed up against towels, wall, and slatted door.

III. Weigh-in Wednesdays

Serving sizes vary so much from label to label. What food has a serving size that really surprises you, or what food really challenges you to stick with it's serving size?

a. Kraft Mac and Cheese. Did you know there's supposedly more than one serving in each one of those boxes? Yeah, me too.

b. Big Gulps. Who could possibly want to consider a 64 oz. soda a "single serving?"

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