Thursday, September 18, 2003

Missing Links

Finally put two and two together in my head late last night in the kind of epiphany that startles you awake at two in the morning: now that my-and-Shaw's alma mater Marlboro College, in its infinite wisdom and universally true budget stress, has taken all my old collegiate work-and-play off-line, many of my links (see sidebar to right) no longer go anywhere. Inaccessible work, for the moment, includes my undergrad thesis, an ancient "about me" homepage (the second "me"), and my life's poetic works.

If I could only get Blogger's ftp access to work, the links would be up and running, but what do you expect for a measly five bucks a month. At least we're still ad-free. Plus, now that Blogger's about to fold most of their previously pay-only extras into the standard free service, they've got a special right now: free blogger hoodies for Pro-payers who never cancelled their account. I can't wear hoodies, what with the long hair lumping up int he hood and all, but it's the thought that counts, so thanks, blogger.

Also missing, though promised: pix of Bangladesh, Vancouver, and Alaska. Dial-up makes it so hard to justify the time spent on such thing; next week I should have some down time on the LAN with the laptop in front of me, though, so I'll get 'em up, I swear.

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