Tuesday, September 16, 2003


Awoke, surely, though one tends to remember only being awake suddenly, as if poofed into existence.

Plugged in iron while brushing teeth. Filled and turned on coffee perculator while rejecting shirts, ties. Ironed shirt while coffee perked. Drank coffee while finding keys. Kissed girls while leaving.

Did stuff: called Deb Holman to cancel a room reservation, unsuccessfully researched a Bravo Channel series on The Reality Of Reality TV (since I'm teaching a course on reality TV next term), had coffee, wrote and sent a schoolwide announcement for MICA (Multimedia Information Commons Assistance).

Lunch with Darcie and Willow by surprise.

More stuff, mostly MICA: Two small groups of stduents came for advice on how to turn their research into a good PowerPoint presentation or, rather, a live presentation with PowerPoint. No students looking for instruction on how to put comments in blogs, which means there'll be twenty kids coming to see me on Thursday afternoon.

Came home. Traded day-stories with Darcie.

Left again; shopping for things in huge quantities at BJ's Warehouse. Friendly's for supper -- Willow can say ice cream; does so 100 times.

Home again. The first three pages of several books with Willow the ADHD-in-training mini-me. Sleep, slowly, for Willow, then for Darcie. Dog walk in quiet neighborhood under the stars and the faint milk-stain of the Milky Way, inside the sound of a thousand crickets.

In and around it all: the death of an advisee's grandmother; the phone call requesting help with "the four blinking lights on the front of my computer;" regaining my daughter's trust and kisses.

An ordinary day.

I wish they all came like this.

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