Tuesday, July 29, 2003

To Do

Get beard trimmed.

Fill anti-malaria 'scrip.

Get batteries for Palm.

Check mapquest for weather in Dhaka over the next three weeks.

Launder and iron short sleeved button down shirts.

Install needed software on loaner laptop: Photoshop, Premiere, PhotoDeluxe, Inspiration, MS Office 2k Ed., hardware drivers for camera, printer, Palm,

Gather and organize Teaching With Technology materials, presentations, bookmarks, outlines and tests.

Leaning heavily on extant scavenge-able presentations and curricula originally developed for / delivered to other groups long beforehand, develop Teaching with Technology materials, presentations, outlines and tests for the following half-day modules:
- Terms, Models and Metaphors of Technology and Learning
- Writing Digitally
- Assessing Digital Learning
- The Computer As Brainstorming Tool
- Collaborative Knowledge Sharing Online and Off

Contact Margaret re: missing full day module on Searching and Researching Online.

Figure out if I'm doing the wrong modules.

Spend lots of time with family.

Videotape self reading bedtime stories for Willow to watch every night while I'm gone.

Be grateful for the opportunity to go at all.

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