Saturday, June 14, 2003

The Pace Of Summer

Slept 'till noon. Okay, so I had to be up at 4:00 a.m. when the baby threw up, but it seems like that was a one-shot, thank goodness.

Chinese food for lunch in a mostly-deserted restaurant: Mee Fun and Dumplings, Egg Drop Soup and steamed chicken-and-broccoli for the baby. We've decided Willow has had chicken pox for days, even though her spots are mild; infants, they say, carry much of their mothers' immunity, and who are we to argue with the everpresent universe of advice? And no infants were present, so we didn't worry about contagion.

Stopped by the farm on the way home to giggle at the crowd of horses; tossed clover to the chickens and newly shorn sheep. We weren't going to see the cows, as they were off in another field, but Willow kept crying and saying "moo" -- how can you resist?

They're napping now, and I'm thinking postprandially myself. The sky is heavy with potential rain, so maybe the drive-in will wait for next weekend, eh? No rush.

I've been reading some other blogs. Everyone seems to have something to say. I got nothin' -- and I worked hard all year for it, too. But tomorrow is a two-fer: My parent's anniversary and Father's Day. It'll be my first, and my father's thirty first. I can't think of a better man to share it all with, so expect a homage to him sometime tomorrow. Also expect me to be very grateful for being a daddy, as I am every day.

Until then, expect, maybe, a nap. Things will happen as they happen, as they should.

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