Friday, June 13, 2003

More Memes

Really haven't done anything noteworthy this week due to illness, so let's think about photos, courtesy of The Weekly Wrap-Up:

1. Do you like to have your picture taken? Why or why not?

I love to have my picture taken. Once because of the big ego, now because, with a baby in the house, I think about posterity a lot. Oh, who am I's still mostly because of the huge ego.

2. What is your earliest memory of having your picture taken?

Unlike most people (?), I have few early memories of anything. But I do remember posing for pix in that awful light grey tailed tuxedo with the salmon cumberbund and bowtie for the prom. I looked just like a rat in that thing. Ugh.

3. What is the best picture you've ever had taken (or took of yourself)? Why did you pick this photo?

A couple of years ago we bumped into some very nice guys selling jewelry at a street fair, and they invited me up to their rural home for a photo-taking session; not being 100% sure of their motives, I brought my college friend Dan along for the ride (the guys were obviously a gay couple, and Dan's a big ol' gay who was living with us that summer; it all seemed to make sense at the time). We took some beefcake shots in the woods while Dan picked all the fat blueberries he could carry from their cultuvated garden, and a few months later, the beefcake-iest black-and-white "art" pictures ever came in the mail free of charge. They're cheesy and I love 'em, especially the one where I look like Fabio. Maybe I'll post 'em someday.

4. Ladies, under what circumstances would you pose for a "glamour shot"? Gentlemen, would you want your girlfriend/wife to pose for a "glamour shot"? Both: why?

Whatever she wants...I trust my wife, and she's done modeling before. If my wonderful wife wanted to pose for a glamour shot, I'd keep a pic in my wallet.

5. Would you ever pose for nude photos? Why or why not?

If I felt comfortable with the scenario and photographer, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I don't think anyone would want to see them...but I have no body-shame.

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