Thursday, June 12, 2003

Health Report

Sick after some reheated coffee this morning. Very sick. All the symptoms of flu; also all the possible side effects of the Valtrex I was prescribed for the shingles. For six hours I alternately sat on and bowed to the porcelain goddess. Dizzy and disoriented. Chills and fever. I couldn't keep water down.

What with all the up-and-down, threw my back out by midday. Excruciating pain. Hot bath and hotpad for a late afternoon nap. Had to wait far too long before I was reasonably sure an Aleve would stay down. Still hard to sit up to write, in fact.

Shingles still itchy. Pulled-muscle pain becoming endemic to an entire band of nerves around my right chest below the nipple.

Willow's got two rashy spots. It's getting to the point where we really hope it's chicken pox.

Ate chicken broth and bread successfully about an hour ago. Things are looking up.

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i had shingles when i was 13yrs old how old were u when you got them i cant find where it tells me how old u were when you got it.
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