Tuesday, May 06, 2003

We're Not Making Hay

It's been a meta-day, full of self-referent and navel-gazing: a Media Literacy class on hypertext which used hypertexts about hypertext to discuss hypertextuality for an upcoming hypertext assignment on the digital individual; a long evening faculty meeting at which the Northfield Mount Hermon school faculty voted to approve four new requirements -- a health course, a writing course, a history course, and a 1-term competitive sports requirement -- for next year's 9th graders, and then heard a mostlyfiscal report on the state of the school from the Head. Throughout, a surprising discussion with Darcie and the faculty housing director about a slight possibility for a housing upgrade next year, about which I will report more if and when something actually comes of it. Basically, I spent all my time today thinking about what I do and how, rather than doing, or even just thinking about what I am supposed to do, if you catch my redundancy.

The double-layered life continued into the evening and tonight's radio show, where, due to a very exciting buying spree this weekend in Harvard Square, I played much new music, mostly covers (metamusic?), including several XTC covers from an entire album of the same. I was too busy to get coffee before the show, but we said so on-air and were rewarded by a fellow faculty member tapping at the window with two big ol' cups of joe a few minutes later -- seems he was driving home and heard our plight. Playlist follows; as always, cover songs are starred, and anyone who can correctly identify more than half of the original artists wins, oh, I dunno, a free plug and a cup of coffee.

Bob Dorough -- Too Much Coffee Man
Barenaked Ladies -- Hello City
*The Verve Pipe -- Wake Up
Juliana Hatfield -- Slow Motion
Eddie From Ohio -- Let's Get Mesolithic
*Chris Ardoin and Double Clutchin' -- Your Love Keeps Lifting Me (Higher and Higher)
Lizzie West -- Sometime
Keller Williams -- Best Feeling
*Freedy Johnston -- Earn Enough For Us
*Cry, Cry, Cry -- Fall On Me
*The Dixie Chicks -- Landslide
Trey Anastasio -- At The Gazebo
Salamander Crossing -- Trip Me Up
*Skavoovie and the Epitones -- Bli-Blip
Robert Randolph and the Family Band -- The March
*Sarah McLachlan -- Dear God
*Timbuk 3 -- Born To Be Wild
Doug Matsch -- Dream
Norah Jones -- Turn Me On
Patty Larkin -- Different World
*Maura O'Connell -- Crazy Love
Great Big Sea -- Ordinary Day
*Brooks Williams -- May You Never
*C.J. Chenier -- Falling Up
Alison Krauss -- Forget About It
Warren Zevon -- Don't Let Us Get Sick

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