Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Trains In The Air

Virginia and my weekly radio show Tributary tonight started with Nora stopping by to announce I'm not wearing my pants! (she was wearing pants, but from a fellow student by way of the dorm free box). It ended with a whole tree across the end of the road, blocking the long way home, mandating an even longer k-turn on the edges of the close, soft woods and an even longer detour back again. In between, bedtime stories on the hour and the half hour -- tonight, poems from some anthology -- and the following musical madness. Note the world music set from 10:30 - 11, and the long train set (pun intended) at the end of the evening. Playlist follows:

Bob Dorough -- Too Much Coffee Man
The Biscuit Boys -- Ramblin' Fever
Bonnie Raitt -- Love Me Like A Man
Cake -- Manah Manah
Bjork -- It's Oh So Quiet
The Strokes -- Is This It
Erin McKeown -- Blackbirds
The Rembrants -- Making Plans For Nigel
Manu Chao -- Me Gustas Tu
Habib Koite -- Batoumambe
Zap Mama -- Telephone
Cesaria Evora -- Sangre De Berona
Ozomatle -- Como Ves
Chris Ardoin -- Your Love Keeps Lifting Me
String Cheese Incident -- Joyful Noise
Patty Griffin -- Sweet Lorraine
Emmylou Harris -- One Big Love
Salamander Crossing -- Passion Train
Mark Erelli -- Midnight Train
Kasey Chambers -- Not Pretty Enough
Jourma Kaukonen -- Waiting For A Train
Indigo Girls -- This Train Revised
(aborted due to scratch)
Los Lobos -- That Train Don't Stop Here Anymore
Nancy Griffith -- Last Train Home
Susan Werner -- Time Between Trains
Bare Naked Ladies -- Am I The Only One

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