Saturday, May 03, 2003

To Grandmother's House We Go

Once Darcie, Willow and I finish, respectively, cleaning the car, napping, and printing pictures and emptying the hard drive of the digital camera, we're off to break into my parents house in Newton, ten miles outside Boston and 100 miles away from here. My parents have been in New Orleans, at the Jazz and Heritage festival and then another music festival deeper in the heart of Louisiana; tonight, after we figure out how to get into the house, I'll pick them up at the airport, and then tomorrow we'll all have lunch together at Henrietta's Table at the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square. My brother's coming up from Rutgers, possibly with as-yet-unseen girlfriend. My sister lives two towns over, and will probably show up as well.

Cleaning out the camera has been well worth it. Here's a rather late Easter shot with Willow and her aunt Virginia, Darcie's sister and my weekly radio show cohost. A full sized pic is also available. Aren't they cute?

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