Thursday, May 01, 2003

To Do

  1. Grade last week's Media Literacy midterm exams.

  2. Grade this week's rough drafts for paper due Monday exploring tensions between community standards and the epistemology/ecology of cyberspace at NMH.

  3. Get graded rough drafts back to students so they can use them to write the paper for Monday.

  4. Meet with school webmaster to discuss publication of, consistency issues in Ed Tech Group webpage

  5. Begin content-gathering, design for Ed Tech Group webpage.

  6. Contact Andover International Programs office, co-teachers re: curriculum modules for Bangladesh trip this summer.

  7. Develop curriculum modules on PowerPoint, blogging, and digital writing for Bangladesh trip this summer.

  8. Send three-week media literacy-driven health curriculum to Director of Health Education for inclusion in next year's required 9th grade Health class.

  9. Write three week media literacy / health curriculum.

  10. Attend Faculty Meeting next week to vote for inclusion of new Health course in 9th grade required curriculum.

  11. Prepare discussion on Flash for Advanced Web Design class tomorrow at 2:00.

  12. Call dentist, cancel 2:00 appointment to have cap made to replace current temporary filling.

  13. Make new appointment with dentist. This time, check calendar first.

  14. Set up meeting with Director of Curriculum to discuss my new leadership role guiding the schoolwide curricular integration of media ecology, epistemology, and media literacy studies next year .

  15. Meet with Dir. of Academic Resources and Dir. of Ed Tech to discuss my job for next year.

  16. Update Blog design, navigation, sidebar content.

  17. Sleep

  18. Blog

Welcome to the wonderful world of procrastination. ER comes on at 10 o'clock.

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