Wednesday, May 28, 2003


I was a zonked out mess during dorm duty tonight, fullsteam o' head and a bit crisp at the edges. For three hours I tried to keep the dorm under control while a parade of students-in-need waited in line by my elbow for proofreading, last minute web publishing, and quick-bounce brainstorm check-ins; for the final hour I played the worst games of ping pong in my life and managed to win anyway, because when you live with the table for five years, you get good enough to win most of the time, and there's something eminently satisfying about beating adolescents, sick though the urge to do so may be. Maybe it's because I can't really beat them, even when they're having baby powder fights in the hallway.

I keep thinking about that perfect double rainbow this evening. I wish I had something more interesting to say about it than I keep thinking about the perfect double rainbow this evening, but see below. I really need more sleep, but a Magic Hat Fat Angel beckons from the fridge. The beer, a paler shade of ale, is sweet and light, but it's the pithy saying under the cap I really need. Tonight's capnote: Don't Zap your only Map. And speaking of short little ideas...

It's a good thing Newsweek doesn't come more often. Who has time to read the news every day anymore?

A monkey on the back is worth an infinity at the typewriter. After all, who needs another Hamlet?

If bits and bytes were tics and mites we'd something something something. Feel free to finish that one.

What if the light at the end of the tunnel is just a giant magnifying glass?

You know what's weird? Everything. Once you realize that, life becomes much easier.

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