Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Second Spring

Second spring brings a change-in-the-seasons smaller than a C-change but larger than life. It's not a moment -- it's more of a short period of time, when the newness fades, and suddenly you look up and realize that spring has become a way of life again. Most people notice spring; the point of second spring is that you have to squint and turn your head just right to see it. And it's here now:

The green world renewed is spring. Coming home to a freshly mowed prep school lawn is second spring.

If robins are a sign of spring, sweat gnats are a sign of second spring. Or ladybugs.

Babies without hats -- definitely second spring.

And forgetting to close the windows at night.

And trees falling in a heavy rain. Deer in the evenings on the fields. Tiny fresh asparagus.

And dandelions, everywhere.

How do you know it's second spring?

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