Friday, May 09, 2003

Remaindered Thoughts

With a tip of the hat to webraw. Those remaindered links never cease to amuse.

Here is how I occupy my mind: I subscribe to two weekly magazines -- Newsweek and the New Yorker -- and regularly read McSweeney's, The Onion, Customers Suck, and a small handful of blogs. For meditation, I do the jigsaw puzzle ever day, and the Boston Globe sunday crossword every week.

I like ham and cheese croissants. And Bakery Arts in Brattleboro, Vermont, makes the best ham and cheese croissants ever, so I bought three.

Darcie won't buy herself CDs she wants because I end up leaving them in the car all week after I borrow them for my radio show, and she doesn't like the radio on in the car. Who doesn't like the radio on in the car? She also won't let me in a record store for a two-week period immediately following any CD or music purchase, but that's probably for my own good -- I already have far too many CDs.

If it were up to me, I'd wear jeans every day. And why can't I find a good soft light-weave chambray dress shirt that doesn't have button-down collars?

Dorie, the about-to-retire math teacher who coordinates student prizes, called tonight asking me to be the presenter for some award for overcoming obstacles. I'm a natural choice as presenter because the recipient is Sam, a wheelchair-bound senior with mid-to-late-stage-Ataxia who's been an advisee of mine since he arrived as a Sophomore. I think Sam will appreciate the cash, but I hope he feels okay about being singled out as somehow worthy of praise for how he handles his illness.

I haven't seen the deer in a couple of weeks because I haven't been going out at dusk, and because they probably don't come out of the deep woods so much now that the trees are budding. Also, it's raining, and who wants to stand out in a field when it's raining?

I prefer local coffee and microbrew beer, but not that flavored crap.

My daughter as a porcelain doll. I figure you only get one perfect shot like this, so the pressure's off.

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