Wednesday, May 21, 2003


It's called Gemini, this yearbook for a twin campus school, this behemoth I proofread over the long winter nights on duty. The lavender-and-black book has a turning-of-the-seasons theme prompted by the senior class song this year, the utterly impossible-to-sing-right "Turn, Turn, Turn," and is 312 pages large, the size a necessary evil for the biggest coed prep school in the country. And it's not bad, and it has four pictures of me and two of my tiny daughter: it's good to be married to the yearbook queen.

Although due to Darcie's advisorship we've had one at home since Thursday last, the school yearbook came out officially this week. After a spate of private validation finding the self in the black-and-white crowd, the campus is thick with kids everywhere on the warm grass, in small groups and singly, bowing their heads over the heavy texts, signing and looking for typos. My favorite so far:
The Information Technology department supports the technology needs of our school. These faculty members who help sever our community are:...
Sorry, guys. It's neither deliberate nor a subconscious subterfuge, I swear.

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