Friday, May 23, 2003

People With Too Much "Law and Order" On Their Hands

Found at L.A. Times mediawatcher Brian Lowry says that popu-drama Law & Order is tailor-made for the modern TV viewer:
At a time when research shows that people miss episodes of even their favorite series because of hectic lives, the program allows them to watch whenever, paying no price for missing a week. Its rhythms and tight format have been so well established that viewers can join in while the show is in progress without too much confusion. also passes along this namedropping gem about an art exhibit that pays homage to "Law & Order:"
This weekend, 30-40 artists from around the country will gather in Santa Cruz to show off their "Law & Order"-inspired work. After all 'Law & Order' has done for us, I feel it's the least I can do for 'Law & Order,' says Brandon Bird, a "conceptual art activist/entrepreneur" who developed the idea after watching five straight hours of "L&O."
The show celebrated its 300th episode tonight.

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