Tuesday, May 20, 2003

On Air

This afternoon Virginia and I brought Willow for a walk. The sun was hot and strong like good coffee. We stopped at the school Chapel, a New England granite edifice looming over the football field, its stone carried and set by the hands of the school's first students over a hundred years ago. The cavernous space was still and cool in the late afternoon; it enveloped us.

Willow startled at the stained glass window, a gold jewel in the late afternoon sun. She played with the echo, calling it, the look in her eyes like wonder personified. She played the piano, first with her hands, then, more satisfyingly, with her be-socked heels, and walked on the tips of my fingers down the burgundy aisle between the oldwood pews.

It is these moments in the midst of madness that make everything worthwhile. That, and the light at the end of the schoolyear tunnel.

Twelve more days 'till graduation, and the seniors are counting down the hours; tomorrow is their annual now-school-sanctioned-and-thus-commodified skip day, and the kids in my class today were beyond distracted. After attending the ritzy off-campus Senior Reception tonight to tech the senior video showing, the least we could do was play as many songs as we could about once-forbidden-fruit things the seniors will suddenly, finally be free to do at the end of next week. That, and a jamband set for those needing a study break. Here, as always, tonight's Tributary, your ten to midnight Monday night show here on WNMH:

Bob Dorough -- Too Much Coffee Man
Habib Koité -- Cigarette Abana
The Biscuit Boys -- Coming Into L.A.
Ween -- Bananas and Blow
The Dixie Chicks -- Landslide
Matchbox 20 -- Crutch
Eddie From Ohio -- Stupid American
Acoustic Syndicate -- Crazy Town
The Waifs -- Lighthouse
Alison Brown -- Leaving Cottondale
Kasey Chambers -- Little Bit Lonesome
Dolly Parton -- I Get A Kick Out Of You
Jorma Kaukanen -- Big River Blues
The Be Good Tanyas -- Rain And Snow
Donna The Buffalo -- Seems To Want To Hurt This Time
Galactic -- Tiger Roll
Tony Furtado Band -- Fat Fry On The Hog Farm
String Cheese Incident -- Lost
Alison Krauss -- Forget About It
Brooks Williams -- Yellow Hummingbird
Clif Eberhardt -- Back Of My Mind
Nenes -- No Woman No Cry
Hot Rise -- Shady Grove
Patty Larkin -- Have A Little Faith In Me
Nickel Creek -- Out Of The Woods

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