Thursday, May 08, 2003

Lazy Thursday Three

Since I'm trying to start one of those "answer the question on the right day" memes myself (see my Monday Mosh post below), I figured it was only fair to try answering a few. That, and I'm feeling a bit lazy today after a nice afternoon on the couch in Mocha Joes with the wife and baby, drinking free vanilla lattes and watching the world go by. So here's today's Thursday Three:

1. Have you ever had a nightmare?
Surely, but not for a long time; ever since I started drinking way too much coffee and not getting enough sleep, I seem to be sleeping right through my nightmares. Most of my memories of early nightmares are about not being able to get away in time from something vague and undefined but intrinsically evil and horrible, or not being able to get "there" in time to save something beloved but equally vague in its definition.

2. What was the last dream you can remember having?
As I said above, it's been a VERY long time. In my early childhood for some reason I used to have nightmares that I was trapped inside the clothing rack at a store and my mother was going to leave without me. I also used to wake up with no memory of my nightmare except that of moving as if through water, trying to get away from something, unable to make my legs move faster. I guess I must fear the unknown, or fear that I am unequal to my fears or something. This is much less interesting than my brother's nightmares -- he used to wake me up screaming "No, Spiderman, stay away! He's going to get me! Aaah!" Fear of Spiderman seems much worse than fear of the unknown, I think, but we all have our fears, however irrational.

3. Do you think it is possible for two people to have the exact same dream?
No. I think, though, that it is possible for two people to have a dream similar enough that, in the harsh light of day and concrete language, it could end up being described identically.

Hmm. Well, to be honest, that wasn't very successful, but there you go -- at least I tried. Don't forget to come back on Monday and let us all know about your Monday Mosh!

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