Thursday, May 01, 2003

Happy Law Day!

Yes, May 1st is Law Day here in the U.S.A., and Dubya, who is not only pushing forward extraordinarily conservative judges for court appointment, but who will also surely go down in history as the wartime president who spearheaded both the Patriot Act and a sacrifice of civil liberties otherwise unheard of in modern times, has declared this year's Law Day theme "Independent Courts Protect Our Liberties:"

[The theme] focuses on one of the foundations of our constitutional system: judicial independence, provided in the Federal system by life tenure and an assured level of compensation. In order to ensure equality for all citizens and fairness in the judicial process, our judges must serve as impartial arbiters who do not have a stake in their decisions or seek to achieve a biased outcome or particular result in the cases they oversee. (Bush)

I guess the whole point of a blog is not to be speechless, but this one's just too easy, isn't it? Especially given that, as I write this, Bush is on TV declaring Operation Iraqi Freedom over, and the Iraqi people officially free...from the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln...

No, way too easy. Let the punditry begin elsewhere; I'm too busy celebrating. Happy Law Day, everybloggy.

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