Saturday, May 24, 2003

Hang Out, Hang On, Hangover

Big dinner and DJ party at Clay's uber-rural farmstead last night for Virginia's birthday. Arrived just before 8 to find a close-knit group of Virigina's coffeeshop coworkers making vegetarian lasagna and baked brie with pears in the main house's tiny kitchen; as the pickups and Volvos began to arrive over the subsequent hour we moved to the post-and-beam renovated sugarhouse, now the best raw-wood two room apartment in the history of the universe, to dance to the DJ and, when it got too loud, huddle under the entranceway suntent in the beginnings of a weekend drizzle. Managed to drink enough Wolaver's India Pale Ale before 9 to have a wonderful drunk old time chatting with old college friends and make a few new ones and still sober up to drive home in the rain at 1 a.m.

Am now watching an ever-more-cranky baby until at least noon while Darcie does prom set-up. Willow would like to say something:

f bimj i fvft hhtv v v i jnm .

Back as soon as things calm down. May be late tonight.

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