Friday, May 09, 2003

Engrish As A Second Language

I'm on duty, but had a moment free at the dorm's lounge computer to check email and listen to some tunes (Sheryl Crow covering Guns 'n Roses fave Sweet Child O' Mine, if you must know) off the who-needs-KaZaA-when-you-live-in-a-lan-and-share-your-music-files network. I had to get up for a moment to let some locked-out kid into his room, and when I came back, I found a book on the chair I had vacated.

The title? The Grean Gatsby.

Yes, I said Grean. The rest of the book is in some sort of pictographic language: Korean's most likely, given our dorm population. Odds are good some ESL kid's trying to get a jump on his english course by reading Fitzgerald's classic in his native language first. But, seriously and ominously, how can you trust the translation of a book if they can't even get the title correct? This kid's in for a world of trouble, with a capital N.

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