Saturday, April 26, 2003

Your Blog Is Better Than Ice Cream
31 Flavors And Then Some

Get thee to a Baskin Robbins!

Over at webraw, Eric is surprised to find that his now-completed project showcasing 31 Flavors of blog is the number one google search result for the phrase "31 Flavors," which reminds me that this Wednesday, April 30th, is the day Baskin Robbins holds it yearly ice cream give-away. All stores participate, so if you live anywhere near a Baskin Robbins, run over sometime on Wednesday and pick up your absolutely free small cone. (Ever the imitators, Ben and Jerry's have their free cone day on the 29th, but I'm not speaking or linking to them since they stopped making Pecan Pie Ice Cream, which had actual cubes of actual pecan pie in it and was the best stuff on earth, so you'll have to find your way there without my help.)

Of course, the real surprise is that the search term "31 Flavors" doesn't get you the lyrics to the Ani Difranco song 32 Flavors, or to the funky Alana Davis cover of that same song, since lots of people misremember the song title due to the Baskin Robbins connection. Kudos to webraw for being more popular than misquoted pop music and better than ice cream.

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