Saturday, April 26, 2003

Weekend Update: Blog Now Ad Free!

With a few evenings off for a change, I've decided, finally, to clean house a little bit -- the dustbunnies were getting thick, and serious blogcontent deserves serious blogspace. It's long past time to do some blogtweaking.

The first step was paying for the damn blogger upgrade already; as a result, in addition to dropping the google-driven text ad once above, I'll be able to post-and-host more pix and add sideblog pages, assuming I can stay off my butt for that long. Astute frequent-flyers will recognize, as well, that the ever-fitting but somewhat recursive, almost arbitrary T.S. Eliot quote (And should I then presume? / And how should I begin?), which has hovered subtitularly above since THIS BLOG's hasty late summer inception, has been replaced. The new quote -- if we don't find something pleasant, we shall find something new -- comes from Voltaire by way of Tadpole, and seems much more fitting for a Dirk-Gently-esque Zen navigator such as yours truly.

Soon, in coming hours/days/weeks/months, I hope to rethink the tree, perhaps with a more comprehensive, Photoshopped look, something more depth, more life, more ways and places to wander. And I promise to even update the content on the right over there -- I have high hopes for remaking both sections and contents to better match the overall metaphor and icnography, and better allow authorial browsing, that you might better clothe my words. If not now, then in just five weeks, when the students go home, the paychecks keep coming, and the days go slowly once again.

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