Monday, April 21, 2003

Warning: Grades Ahead

I have ten 5 page papers -- each entitled "My Theory Of Media Studies" -- to read and evaluate; ten 7 page essay exams to decipher and correct (What does Neil Postman mean when he says that any medium has a technological bias, that it has "within its physical form a predisposition towards being used in certain ways and not others"?); ten sets of grades to weigh; ten progress reports to write. By Wednesday noon. And I have to work in the media center all day tomorrow, and on Wednesday morning, too. I seem to have taken procrastination to a new level, and now I'm totally, um, farked.

Which is by way of warning regular readers and new visitors that the next forty-eight will be atypically light, and I'll be back to my usual verbose blogself by about Thursday. Apologies in advance; if you need something to do, browse the bloglinks on the right -- each comes highly recommended -- or check out some random archives.

That said, I will, as usual, post a playlist after the radio show tonight. Can't give up all my vices, after all.

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