Saturday, April 19, 2003

Those Who Can't, Eat

Web browser set into cutting board:
for downloading recipies while you cook

Regular visitors may have noticed that I love food. In less than six months of blogging I've blogged barbecue and four star, kitch and kitchen, high culture and lowbrow alike. I can't help but enumerate courses when we've been to a decent restaurant, and my love of pop culture lends itself heavily towards tracking the cultural evolution of popular cuisine, from the disgusting to the peep.

I can't cook, though, so I have deep appreciation for those who can, like Matt and PJ, and Rick and Mike at FoodDork -- without fine culinary artists like them, the world of the amateur gourmet would be sad indeed. For them, this link, originally from BBC News via Mike, mostly for the cutting board with enabled web browser shown above, part of an exhibit on cutting edge designs at the recent Ideal Home Show in London. The internet toilet roll browser also mentioned in the same article is merely an added bonus, even if it does print directly onto the toilet paper.

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