Saturday, April 05, 2003

Still Sick, Also Soundless: Nothing New Under The Snow

Cold's worse; dry sneeziness now the dominant mode of the -- achoo! -- day. Was hoping to go to the Eddie From Ohio show anyway, but they're sold out, most probably because last night's snow-and-ice bumped everyone's plans forward. If only I had Portable EFO Show, or their new live album -- I could just close my eyes and pretend.

Had to go to the post office this morning. Ever tried driving in two inches of tiny iceballs? Don't.

In other news, Eva's produced a coherent introduction to Blogshares which BS creator Sayed himself recommends. Playing the blogmarket sure is addictive; although this site hovers at three cents a share and hasn't been indexed in over a week, my stocks have increased by almost sixteen bucks since last night.

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