Monday, April 28, 2003

A Steak By Any Other Name

Just when you thought PETA couldn't stoop any lower, the rabidly anti-meat organization has offered the German port city of Hamburg 10,000 euros worth of veggie burgers to change its name to "Veggieburg." Seriously.

Tell you what, PETA. If you'll change your name to "stupid people who are willing to destroy everything sacred and good about culture to get people to stop eating meat," I'll change MY name to Carrot McTofu. Whaddya say?

Note, of course, that people from Hamburg are actually called Hamburgers. If PETA had their way, they'd be Veggieburgers...which in turn would make them cannibals for eating the veggieburgers PETA is offering them if they'll change their name. Nice work, PETA!

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