Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Shallow Thoughts

Still pretty sick. The wrists are better but the headache is worse. I've also developed a new symptom: every time I sneeze, I get a nosebleed. Now, instead of worrying about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I can worry about losing too much blood. Is there a word for a hypochondriac who only gets symptomatic when actually ill?

One of the benefits of living where you work is that you can, when under the weather, sleep in among the unavoidable responsibilities, and in your own bed, too, with your mother-in-law in the next room watching the baby. I managed to teach class today (What habits of mind does the computer engender? How do these habits affect and recreate the epistemology of computer-mediated communication?) and attend a quick-and-dirty Ed Tech Department meeting, but otherwise slept much and accomplished little. Duty was a blurry mess. Only five more weeks until summer vacation.

I've decided that sick sucks. In my delirium, this seems like a new and scintillating thought, so that'll be all for now, thanks.

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