Saturday, April 12, 2003

My Life In Cereal

Part of this balanced breakfast!

Cheerios: Os and an apple juice sippy cup on the floor in front of the television, before Elmo came along and ruined everything. Thought of as healthy, though not really, as it turns out. Nursery school garland fodder around Christmas time.

Oatmeal: Add raisins and milk; stir. For cold days, especially before school or sledding.

Grape Nuts: Mostly for yogurt. Otherwise like eating a bowl of gravel-and-milk.

Sugar Pops: Mellow bear on tv and box hawks sweet glazed puffs of corn. Eaten only in Florida, at Grandparent's house.

Sugar Smacks: See Sugar Pops, except puffed wheat and frog in a striped hat instead of bear and corn. Now called Honey Smacks, as if it mattered..

Muselix: Like granola, but not all stuck together. A fine powder -- what was that stuff? -- makes the milk tan.

Rice Krispies: Loud. Sometimes the pieces pop in your throat like swallowed pop rocks. Decent prizes in box.

Honeycombs: Only sugar cereal allowed in house. Abrasive, like Apple Jacks and Cap'n Crunch; makes the roof of my mouth raw.

Crispix: Bulging two-faced grids, one rice, one corn. The surface tension keeps the milk from filling the airspace between the two sides, so the cereal stays crunchy in milk.

Product 19: Mutant oversized flakes strangely addictive. Hard to find in smaller grocery stores.

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