Thursday, April 10, 2003

My Day As Five American Sijo

Because I'm sick and think in shortform poetry soundbytes,
today I write my blog as five American Sijo,
originally a Korean court poem of the sixteenth century.

It was a good day to teach about the epistemology of the telegraph,
by which we mean the way it disconnects immediacy from the present,
which shortens language: Iconographic packets travel more easily.

After lunch we went to look at pop-up campers;
I'd never been in one before, and thoroughly enjoyed thinking summer
sitting in a parked portable eight foot battery powered house.

Then sleep deficiency hit -- bang -- pulling into the supermarket parking lot.
I've only been sleeping about four hours a night for some reason;
I napped uncomfortably for twenty minutes in the driver's seat.

Past Gill, where yesterday a hill of deer stood watching me
a chorus of spring peepers sang like a thousand toy fire engines
and then just as suddenly stopped. I drove on home.

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