Thursday, April 03, 2003

More Random Leftovers

My mother comes up every Tuesday afternoon now. She brings us groceries from Bread and Circus, and we have lunch together in the dining hall with Darcie and the baby. Darcie and I go back to work and Mom gets to play with her granddaughter. For the rest of the week, odd healthy foods, out of place in a takeout kitchen, confront the unassuming fridge-peeker. A pineapple nestles between the stove burners. I learn that organic milk tastes just like regular milk.

Borrowed the Northern Sun catalog from a student down the hall; mostly bumper stickers and t-shirts, the content really being sold is the progressive bon mot, the pithy saying. Bumper stickers from Not All Who Wander Are Lost and Men Who Change Diapers Change The World to Actions Speak Louder Than Bumperstickers. A cartoon captioned "Hellfire and Dalmation" adorns a hempen shirt; in it, a berobed spottydog raises his hands to the heavens: ...and he said unto them: "Bad Dogs! No, No!" There's even an entire line of raised-metal fish plaques for the car bumper, the typical Darwin fish with feet to the simple fish outline enclosing the 'n chips.

CNN's Offbeat News still isn't up, and isn't being updated. The war's still too new for funny; either that, or we're rationing our humor.

When did 6 hours of shuteye begin to feel like a full night's sleep? Some nights I only get four and a half.

More signs of spring: the living room window cranked open, forgetting to put on your coat, the cat out all night, mud.

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