Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Me Neither

Man finds ants in Creme Egg, says:

It was horrible. I felt sick. I had taken a bite off the top of the egg and cream went in my mouth. The egg tasted a bit odd. I looked at it and that's when I saw the ants.

There were also lots of little black pellets which looked like eggs. I spat the mouthful out. I was trying not to vomit. I used to love Creme Eggs but I won't be buying one again.

In other candy news, it's the 50th anniversary of peeps, and they're not stale yet.

[UPDATE 4/17/03: More on Peeps History from today's ever-timely Boston Globe, via Fark. Did you know it used to take 27 hours to make a single peep?

No news on whether peeps are Kosher for passover, however. Anyone know?]

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