Friday, April 25, 2003

Kiss Me, Son Of God

Like Hello Kitty, except omnipotent!

We are proud to present to you HELLO JESUS! This product, you will agree, is a way of doing good and also well! In many nations these items already sell multiple units to children who say to us: "Hello Jesus is the friendly little savior who brings joy to the young in heart. Hello Jesus is living in a kingdom of fun and play. I never wish to displease Him!"

Okay, so it's from 1984, when Conan O'Brien was at the helm of Harvard's National Lampoon. But it ages so well.

(Thanks to Fannio of I Want to Hug Kafka for the link. A gift of ten Not All Who Wander Are Lost blogshares, now otherwise selling for $0.42 each, for the first caller to correctly identify the song quote in today's blogtitle.)

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