Friday, April 04, 2003

I Am In Love With Kate Brigham's Thesis

If you want to know how to decode war images for their semiotic meaning, you need this. It's called Decoding Visual Elements in News Content, and I can't remember how I found it, and it rocks. Especially the Interactive Demo, of which Kate says:

The intention behind these exercises is to introduce people to some methods for looking more critically at visual news content. Hopefully, these exercises will help to improve or enhance visual and media literacy skills. At the very least, perhaps they will aid in promoting awareness of the impact that visual elements have on the messeges we receive from news media outlets.

All that and more, baby.

Reminds me of the lecture I gave here at NMH last year for our Seminar on the State of the World series. The title of my hourlong was Media Representation and Cultural Stereotypes in Times of Crisis; I used Disney's Aladdin and a photoanalysis of the same then-current sources that Kate uses, showing, more narrowly but similarly through semiotic analysis, how Muslim and American media portrayal was repackaged after 9/11. Kate does it better.

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