Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Hurts Like Burning

Sick. Fuzzy brain, achy nose, stuffy head, cranky demeanor. Worse, my wrist hurts, a low-grade burn. All day, paranoid thoughts about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome swim through the fog. I'd post a pic to illuminate the horror film melting in my head, but I'm trying to keep the typing light.

Felt a little bit better spending an hour with Willow in the summery sun this afternoon while Darcie was in a staff meeting. I spread out a blanket; we lay on the grass on the hill outside the dorm in the midst of a busy school day with a new pinwheel and some bubbles, pointing at the trees. Willow chewed on my watch and said "tree," which makes about two dozen words so far. Students waved and smiled. The world buzzed by. If only life was always thus, lying in the shade on a warm day in spring, blond angel singing to you in a language all her own.

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