Sunday, April 20, 2003

From A to Z

Thanks to Steve, who brings us Townie's idea for an A to Z. How about an alphabetized week-in-the-life of boyhowdy?

A is an alphabet, written like most.
B is boyhowdy, your aliased host.

C is a crisis that turned out alright.
D is on duty 'til midnight tonight.

E is for eating a dozen great meals.
F is for fish and a whale and some seals.

G is for grading -- I procrastinate --
H will be having to stay up real late.

I write in first person almost every day
Just sitting here blogging 'bout what people say.

K is the kitchen I cleaned, mostly dishes.
L, Willow's Laughter at seeing the fishes.

M is the moon, big full and round.
N is no, my daughter's new favorite sound.

O was the broken laptop screen -- I fixed it.
P is the parents who came up to kidsit.

Q is a quandry of immense proportions.
R is the rack causing tortured contortions.

S is for sleeping in until eleven;
T is for taking a picture or seven.

U is uvula, the hanging throat thing.
V my teaching vocation: it's not just for the bling.

W is for weblog, at which I'm a whiz.
X is for Xylophone, 'cause it always is.

Y is for You reading this on the screen.
Z is for zipper. Now I've come clean.

Hmm. Think you can do better? Ready to take the a to z challenge? Leave your link in the comments below if you dare.

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