Friday, April 04, 2003

Buy This Space

Thanks to ericj and an ongoing concern for my own increasingly imaginary 401(k), I've decided to get started over at BlogShares. Using entirely pretend money and basing stock values on links inandout, you too can put a monetary value on your own popularity, and play the market on those whose popularity you think will rise. Buy stock in Not All Who Wander Are Lost, or sign yourself up to enable others to buy and sell stock in your blog. Of course, as an added bonus, if you sign up and link to me, my stock value goes there's something insider-ly and incestuous about the whole thing...but it's still more fun than it should be.

[UPDATE 4/5 12:15 am: Woohoo! So far, I've made $5.59. A 1% gain!]

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