Thursday, April 24, 2003

The Blog Is Back

I was practically delirious for dorm duty tonight. I'm pretty sure Molly stopped by and we were too loud for study hall; the last thing I remember was eating too many bunless-for-passover hot dogs and losing my dorm store root beer. I thought the delirium was due to the four hours of coffee-nightmare sleep I got last night in my frantic need to grade papers and midterm exams and get progress reports in for a noon deadline, but it turns out I was so tired I just forgot to switch out my nicotene gum. Now I feel better, albeit exhausted.

Luckily, little of bloginterest happened of during my grading hiatus. But stay tuned...blogging will return after a good long seven hours of dead-to-the-world, one 105 minute class, two meals and a faculty meeting.

Until then, feel free to visit the now-updated-weekly American Feed, recent publisher of my rant about Howard Zinn's visit to the school where I teach, this week featuring an interview with webraw's Eric J, temporarily infamous for blogging the mockup CNN obits over nine months before Fark "found" them and always worth a visit.

[UPDATE 4/24/03, 9:29 am: American Feed link fixed above. D'oh!]

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