Wednesday, April 09, 2003

And Counting

Selling a used pop-up camper? Now that the van is all but sold, we're looking for a pull-along to make this year's Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, the first with the baby, a fun and relaxing experience. After three years of festivaling we've got good volunteer spots waiting for us -- making signs for Darcie, performer check-in for me -- and a good sense of how to make this work with baby (we think). And after a one-year hiatus for babymaking, we're eager to return. Can you blame us? look who's on the bill so far. Looks like a Cry, Cry Cry reunion's in the works; confirmed performers not to miss include:

Greg Brown, DaVinci's Notebook, Eddie From Ohio, John Gorka, Tracy Grammer, Arlo Guthrie, Lucy Kaplansky, The Kennedys, Patty Larkin, The McKrells, George Marshall with Wild Asparagus, Nerissa and Katryna Nields, Tom Paxton, Richard Shindell, Richard Thompson, and Dar Williams.

And I get to check all these fine folks in. Last year just to be memorable I asked a few of them about the strangest thing they've ever been asked to autograph. Kaplansky said "a banana." Greg Brown said "a breast," and I asked him about that, and he said what was weird was having to hold it down with his other hand.

The plan is to get there on Monday (the festival doesn't even start until Thursday afternoon), set up camp, show Willow the horses and donkeys, maybe Bash Bish Falls and a diner breakfast on Tuesday morning, then play with baby in the signpainting tent shade until the festivities begin. Feel free to join us. It's at the end of July on a big ol' farm in Hillsdale, NY, just over the Mass border from the Berkshires. Can't wait for summer.

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