Friday, March 14, 2003

When Flight Attendants Attack

Heard the one about the fed-up flight attendant who tried to get a screaming little girl to shut up by slipping her a crushed Xanax cocktail instead of the apple juice she asked for?

I found the news item in question during my daily browse of Customers Suck, of all places. Thanks to saveyoursanity for passing it along.

Bonus moron points to Northwest Spokeswoman Mary Stanik for the following quote, by the way:

Our standard procedures for flight attendants do not include prescribing medication unless it is through the assistance of a physician with our in-flight emergency services.

Since when is crushing Xanax into a little kid's apple juice standard pharmaceutical protocol? "Prescribing" my ass. The difference should be obvious: when kids are prescribed medicine, usually, the parents know about the prescription. Thanks for the scare, Northwest; from now on, I'm carrying my family's food and drink onto the plane myself.

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