Thursday, March 20, 2003

Timing Is Everything

On the morning of war, the headlines swell to twice the size of previous days. This afternoon, Robert Kaplan is speaking here at NMH. Here's the bio we've been using to promote his visit:

Atlantic Monthly correspondent Robert Kaplan is the bestselling author of nine books on international affairs that have been translated into over 15 languages. His latest work is Warrior Politics: Why Leadership Demands a Pagan Ethos, about how ancient philosophy can improve critical thinking in business and foreign affairs in an age of terrorism and other nonconventional threats. In the 1980s, Kaplan was the first American writer to warn in print of a future war in the Balkans.

Surely the author of a new book promoting a new pagan ethos in international foreign policy and conflict will be relevant. According to a long-time history teacher I know, the book is supportive of Machiavellian tactics, and promotes, among other things, the idea that power fades if it is not used. Those who follow this blog regularly might remember how much fun we had with Howard Zinn's visit last month. By this evening I should have my report.

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