Tuesday, March 11, 2003


In an act somewhere between grassroots terrorism and writing in the margins of someone else's book (a phrase which, interestingly, also describes American Feed magazine), Shaw (beloved editor of said magazine) has taken over the comments of my blog as his own blogspace.

It seems very organic, and the phenom of sub-literature is, at first, like nothing I've seen. I'm specifically not asking him to stop while I figure out what it means; I'm trying to wrap my mind around this "as" "we" ("may") "speak". Is this like writing one's diary in the margins of the family bible? Is it talmudic? Artistic? Dadaist? If one can read another's dreams inside one's own, even in an open dualistic form like that of the blog/comment dynamic, ownership of thought (intellectual property) is even more than before a whole new ballgame.

I wonder if this has happened to other bloggers, in other blogs? How does it look from outside? When does it become appropriate to add a comments function to the comments fuction?

Kudos to Shaw for blowing my mind. Please hold while we reboot and perform a disk check.

[UPDATE 9:36 p.m. -- Names for this tactic might include Sub-Blogging, Guerilla blogging, blogsurpation, comment bombing, nestled blogging, termiting, underblogging. I like the last one, myself. Submissions and suggestions cheerfully accepted if you've got addenda to this list of possibilities. If folks are interested, maybe a poll/vote to follow]

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