Thursday, March 13, 2003

Snow, The Other White Meat

We had been lulled into, if not spring, than the hope for spring, after days warm enough for the sap to begin flowing from tap to bucket on the lone maple tree outside our window. The snow startled us. By just before one o'clock the air was dense and white outside the window.

We went to Brattleboro anyway. The dentist wouldn't wait -- my teeth haven't been cleaned in far too long, and the nicotene gum nestled far too long up against my molars has caused some serious cavity action. I watched the baby watch the cukoo clock while Darcie had a quick cleaning first. Then I spent far too long tensed under a hot light. Luckily, Dr. Kauffman keeps CNN on over his patient's heads while he scrapes and grinds, so all I remember about the visit is that they've found that Elizabeth Smart girl, and they're gearing up for war. Nothing new, nor newsworthy, about teeth, or snow, or war or even found kidnappees by now, I suppose, but I hadn't been keeping up, so it was mildly interesting.

Back home the baby was cranky; I shoveled the first layer of snow from the driveway while Darcie made a chicken and risotto dinner for ten students who are spending the week harvesting sap and learning the sugaring process with the NMH farm program, the baby bouncing in her saucer in the kitchen doorway. In return for the dinner, we get a gallon of maple syrup from our own tree and the others on campus. I've recently declared that I will only eat maple syrup which originated within 25 miles of where I am eating it -- mostly because, living in New England, I can -- but this syrup's karma will be exceedingly strong; I envision myself eating waffles at the window, looking at the tree which sweetens my meal as it buds in the coming months, and it makes my heart glad for such a wonderful community, and for our eco-centric life.

Darcie delivered while I danced with the baby to some surprisingly good Liz Phair and Joan Osborne CDs that Ginny left behind. A bath for the baby afterwards; they're settling in now while I contemplate a nice quiet night with nothing on TV but a new ER episode at 10. Ah, vacation. I'll miss it when it's gone.

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