Saturday, March 01, 2003

Poem Of The Week

For a while, this was the poem I sent out for publication. Of course, it never got accepted, but I still think of it as my so-far magnum opus.

The baby in the poem is Fen, the child of hippies also featured in this canzone. We had gone to the mall with his mother; I don't think they had a car.

In Image, Imagine

On the checkered countertop under the attached telephone
Darcie is copying down her Rock and Roll course syllabus.
Around the cylindrical fishbowl the tiger striped cat
wraps his long paws, reaching for the goldfish's tail.
At the kitchen table with the broken leg, I am writing
anagrams: in image, imagine. The red snowplow
scrapes against the marble steps on the patio.

There is more to this photograph than meets the eye.
While I fix the table leg Darcie is going to Wal-Mart
where the baby will eat through a package of bobbins.
Rudy the fish is on loan from the college library.
The driver of the red snowplow is having an affair
with our landlady, the owner of the hotel.
Fortunately, Rock and Roll is here to stay.

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