Friday, March 21, 2003

National Guardsmen: Robots in Disguise

I am Optimus Prime! Bow before me, puny non-mutable organic beings!

Optimus Prime is heading out to the Middle East with his guard unit on Wednesday to provide fire protection for airfields under combat.

In a metallic voice, Prime, a member of Ohio's 5694th National Guard who legally changed his name on his 30th birthday, proudly adds I got a letter from a general at the Pentagon when the name change went through and he says it was great to have the employ of the commander of the Autobots in the National Guard. As an added bonus, now that he's more than meets the eye, Prime is his own virtually indestructable transport vehicle.

Thanks to reporter Vic Gideon at WKYC Cleveland for bringing this vital issue to our attention. A video clip is also available.

No word yet on whether Pikachu, the Wonder Twins, or the Shmoo will be joining the war effort.

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