Thursday, March 27, 2003

Mediawatch: The War Becomes Part Of Life

For the first week, was all war, all the time. Only by using the links on the navigation bar could you get to news about non-war stuff.

Then the NCAA Tourney became a tiny link at the bottom of the front page. Then the Oscars went on as planned, and it, too, became a tiny item, just below the POWs and the rest of the filtered news from the embeds.

Now, the top half of the page is still all war, all the time. But scroll down, and you'll see that, as of today, the news is presented in categories again.

Notably, it took twice as long for CNN to bring back their categorical news homepage format after 9/11. Note, as well, that the process is not yet complete, but give it another week; as it did two Septembers ago, CNN's Offbeat News will eventually return.

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